2-1-1 Maryland

Participating Organizations

  • Mental Health Association of Frederick County, Inc., Frederick, MD
  • Life Crisis Center, Inc., Salisbury, MD
  • Community Crisis Services, Inc.

Please note that all data below was derived from the collaboration's nomination for the Collaboration Prize. None of the submitted data were independently verified for accuracy.

Joint Programming to launch and manage one or more programs
  • Mental Health
  • Technology
  • Address unmet and/or escalating community need
  • Improve programmatic outcomes
  • Expand reach and/or range of services / programs
  • Leverage complementary strengths and/or assets
  • Serve more and/or different clients / audiences
  • Maximize financial resources
  • Improve the quality of services / programs
Parent organization request
Executive Director(s) / CEO(s) / President(s)
Board of Directors with representatives from each founding partner
  • Creating a shared culture
  • Leading and / or managing the collaboration
  • Lack of trust among partners
  • Internal and external communication
  • Fund development - Improved fundraising results
  • Human resources - Shared and / or improved training and professional development
  • Greater ability for each partner to focus on core competency - Greater ability to allocate resources to areas of need
  • Reduction in overall cost per unit of service - Reduction in overall cost per unit of service
  • Greater coordination of services (less overlap, duplication, fragmentation)
  • Improved quality of programs / services
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