Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities

Participating Organizations

  • Clarkston Coalition for Youth, Clarkston, MI
  • Clawson Community Coalition, Clawson, MI
  • Greater West Bloomfield Community Coalition for Youth
  • Holly Area Youth Coalition
  • Huron Valley Community Coalition
  • Lyon Area Substance Abuse Prevention Coaltion
  • Madison Heights Community Family Coaliton
  • North Oakland Community Coalition
  • Rochester/Auburn Hills Community Coalition
  • Royal Oak Community Coalition
  • Southeast Oakland Coalition
  • Tri-Community Coalition
  • Troy Community Coalition
  • Waterford Coalition for Youth

Please note that all data below was derived from the collaboration's nomination for the Collaboration Prize. None of the submitted data were independently verified for accuracy.

Joint Programming to launch and manage one or more programs
  • City
  • County
  • Mental Health
  • Health
Children and Youth
  • Expand reach and/or range of services / programs
  • Improve the quality of services / programs
  • Improve programmatic outcomes
  • Achieve administrative efficiencies
  • Maximize financial resources
  • Serve more and/or different clients / audiences
Funder initiated / mandated the collaboration
  • Executive Director(s) / CEO(s) / President(s)
  • Board member(s)
One Executive Director / CEO / President
  • Reaching agreement in marketing / branding
  • Facing competitive factors in the operating environment
  • Lack of trust among partners
  • Financial savings - Consolidation of staff positions
  • Financial savings - Joint purchasing
  • Improved marketing and communications, public relations and outreach - Improved marketing and communications, public relations and outreach
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