Future Care Planning Services

Participating Organizations

  • The Al Sigl Center, Rochester, NY
  • The Arc of Monroe County, Rochester, NY

Please note that all data below was derived from the collaboration's nomination for the Collaboration Prize. None of the submitted data were independently verified for accuracy.

  • Administrative Consolidation to share, exchange, or provide back office services such as accounting, IT, human resources
  • Joint Programming to launch and manage one or more programs
Human Services
  • Aging and Elderly
  • People with Disabilities
  • Address unmet and/or escalating community need
  • Achieve administrative efficiencies
  • Maximize financial resources
  • Improve the quality of services / programs
  • Expand reach and/or range of services / programs
  • Serve more and/or different clients / audiences
  • Volunteers
  • Executive Director(s) / CEO(s) / President(s)
  • Board member(s)
  • Suggested / encouraged the collaboration
  • Lead Investor
Management team / oversight committee with representatives from each partner
  • Costs of collaboration
  • Coordination / integration of programs & services
  • Financial savings - Consolidation of management / administration
  • Financial savings - Coordination / consolidation of programming
  • Financial savings - Reduced legal costs
  • Greater coordination of services (less overlap, duplication, fragmentation)
  • Previously unmet community need now being addressed
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