Basic Needs Coalition/Best Single Source Project

Participating Organizations

  • AIDS Services of Austin, Inc., Austin, TX
  • Caritas of Austin, Austin, TX
  • Goodwill Industries of Central Texas
  • Any Baby Can
  • Meals on Wheels and More
  • Family Eldercare
  • SafePlace

Please note that all data below was derived from the collaboration's nomination for the Collaboration Prize. None of the submitted data were independently verified for accuracy.

Joint Programming to launch and manage one or more programs
Human Services
Economically Disadvantaged
  • Maximize financial resources
  • Achieve administrative efficiencies
  • Address unmet and/or escalating community need
  • Improve programmatic outcomes
  • Expand reach and/or range of services / programs
  • Improve the quality of services / programs
Executive Director(s) / CEO(s) / President(s)
  • Management team / oversight committee with representatives from each partner
  • Coordinating agency, with one or more staff dedicated to the collaboration
Coordinating / merging / integrating operations
  • Greater ability for each partner to focus on core competency - Greater ability to allocate resources to areas of need
  • Enhanced ability to manage reporting, documentation, billing - Enhanced ability to manage reporting, documentation, billing
  • Human resources - Shared and / or improved training and professional development
  • Improved programmatic outcomes
  • Increase in number of clients / individuals / organizations served
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